Everything my soul yearns for

The most amazing opportunity came up to collaborate with friends on a project we are gifting to our communities called Spirit in Your Business. We have come for this purpose ourselves, to enhance our business practices and improve our profitability while bringing even more guidance and influence of spirit into our business practices.

We are offering a free teleseminar on September 22 plus a 5 part business course on developing a business that reflects the true you.

Yesterday I finished the rough draft of my part titled, “Deepening your Spiritual Connection.” I am blown away by what came through. I just had to share with you my prayer that opened the channel for receiving. So you know my starting point, I’ve had a nasty cold the last week. Yesterday was the worst:

Please forgive me Body. Hold me Lord.
I allowed illusion to capture me in self-importance.
I believed the lies that “I” had to do it all. That “I” am the doer.
The illusion herded me into the prison of overwhelm and I went!
Thank you body for carrying the burden of these poor choices.
Thank body for forcing me to stop.
I appreciate the illness to get my attention.
Here am I Lord, in your embrace of tenderness.
I am yours. The illusion has no claim on me. I am yours.
Thank you for coming to get me through the symptoms of body.
Thank you for your loving devotion to me even when I have forgotten you.
Here am I Lord. Take me. Use me.
I am your pencil.
I am your voice.
I am your hands of love in the world.
Help me to see with your vision that you may see through my eyes.
Help me to love with your heart that you may love through mine.
Guide my feet that each step be the way you would walk that I may walk in your ways.
Speak through my voice that the people may receive your loving guidance.
Raise my mind into yours that all my thoughts be of your will, of your desires –
of your guidance and wisdom, of your loving care.
I am yours.
Everything my soul yearns for lies with you, Beloved.
Take me over.
Leave no vestage of illusion.
Only pure truth, pure love, pure desire, pure connection, pure union.
Take me Lord, I am yours.

With minutes of making this prayer, I felt much better and the second half for my part to Soul in Your Business poured in effortlessly.

Such is the power of spirit.

Do you have a spiritually based business? Then join us.
Click here for more info: SpiritInYourBusiness.com

With love,

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