The Angel Ministry Enrollment Open for 2010

I’m so excited! Enrollment is open for The Angel Ministry Ordination Program, Class of 2010.

We are in the middle of the class of 2009 and this program is Celestial! When I first started to receive it, I was amazed. As the energy and presence of the Seraphim and the angels have infused us with each class, I am truly blown away. The Angel Ministry students are remarkable, powerful and unique women for this first class. I feel honored to be their escort on this journey deep into the presence of the Most High.

Over the last few days I got out my ceremonial blanket, gathered around me the calendar, paper and pens, and then stepped into the sacred circle of the Seraphim guiding us to receive the information for the Class of 2010.

Once again, I was astonished by the power, presence and love flooding into this program. The Seraphim are sending a powerful vibration of energy into us. The students live all over the world. We are broadcasting this vibration of love and presence all over the world attracting others who are attuned.

The song by Dar Williams – Echos – says it best. “Every time we love just a little, it echos all over the world!” We are in the middle of a powerful echo of love.

Are you feeling called? Join us! Learn more at

Enrollment is open!

With love,

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