Spirit in Your Business

My soul and life purpose have been very clear for quite some time. My soul purpose and life mission is to bring people – you – into personal, life-altering experiences of God’s love that result in profound healing and greater self-awareness.

God union is my passion. I will not be satisfied until I am completely and utterly consumed by the presence of Divine Love.

The last few years have been a challenge as I’ve explored how to translate that calling into a successful business in the world. I can’t help people get a taste of Divine Love if they can’t find me!

Are you experiencing a similar challenge? Are you in the process of offering your gifts of spirit through a business?

Since January, I’ve been working with the most remarkable group of people to learn how to better organize the “business” of my life’s purpose so I can deliver to you the wealth that lives inside of me. This treasury of wisdom and experience has been pressing me to manifest into physical form for your benefit.

As we’ve gotten to know each other, we’ve discovered that each of us a unique perspective on this question of how to manifest our soul calling and life purpose through our businesses. When we combine our knowledge, the most extraordinary thing happens! The places where we were stuck burst open in a flow of spirit guided productivity. All of our businesses have taken off!

We were so excited about the effectiveness of this synergy that we decided to give you a gift. We are in the final stages of co-creating Spirit in Your Business: a 6-part course on how to develop a business that reflects the true you.

We are offering this course free to our communities for a limited period of time as our tithe to your for your loving support.

Click here to sign up: http://SpiritInYourBusiness.com

Sign up so you can attend a free teleseminar with the 7 of us on September 22 when the 6-part online course becomes available.

I can’t wait to share with you the wealth I’ve received on “Deepening Your Spiritual Connection.”

With love,

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