Handbook of healing miracles

My dear friend Starr Fuentes is offering an interactive new book that I want to tell you about. When I first heard the description, I was blown away.

Starr is a powerful hands on healer. She is excited to share her cutting-edge interactive manual with you. Within the pages of her Hand Book, she shares profound healing principals juxtaposed with actual life size photographs of her hands emanating healing energy.

Click here to listen to Starr talk about the book

Would you like to amp up the healing vibrations that come from your own hands? Then this book is for you, whether for your personal wellness, growth and spiritual development, or for the benefit of others.

Powerful light infusions emanate from the pages as you touch, receive, and realign your personal energies from dis-ease and dis-empowerment to revitalization and vibrancy.

This work is perfect for spiritual teachers, those who are intrigued or curious, alternative health practitioners, and all who are interested in energetic healing.

For the first time in book form, you can touch the hand of one who has dedicated her life to learning the mysteries taught through years of study with indigenous masters around the world. As you place your hands on the energetic imprints in this book, you align your hands with the hands of a master while receiving energy downloads and pearls of healing wisdom for further contemplation.

Starr’s work is so powerful that I joined up with some friends to get the word out. Just a few days ago, I recorded a special “Angel of Miracles Meditation” as my gift to everyone who buys the book.

Click here to get Starr’s Hand Book

I am sharing this gift to support your experience of Miracles in the palm of your Hand. Miracles are within your grasp; are you ready to receive them?

With love,

P.S. Do you know someone who could use a healing energy infusion? Then share this invitation with them.

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