There are No Failures!

We’re in the middle of a powerful series of 4 free telesminars called “Angel on Call”. That’s you. How can you be an angel on call?

In the second teleseminar, “Clearing Blocks to Receiving,” Sue asked this question at the very end. I was just reviewing the transcript and couldn’t resist sharing it with you. It’s not too late to sign up. You’ll get access to this full program.

There Are No Failures!

Sue: What happens if you make your intention out there for what you desire and you fail. How do you regroup?

Kimberly: There really isn’t any way that you can fail. Failure is an interpretation. What is happening is that the events and your thoughts are showing the next place that you have to work with. It’s important that you not beat yourself up and not view it as a failure. Just say, “Hmmm, well that didn’t work.” And begin searching for what to try next—what will work? Ask for assistance again and go back into meditation. Listen and pay attention to what is happening in your life because it’s an important feedback.

I’m going to give a very personal example to help you. I’ve been going through a lot to accept further responsibility for my mission and opening up so that you can come. And I’m going to expose something here that used to be embarrassing to me. Every time I would post an event on the internet, I had thoughts, “Nobody is going to sign up. Nobody knows who I am. Nobody wants what I have to offer. It’s sort of like the Eeyore voice from Winnie the Pooh saying, “Oh, everything is gloomy. I think I’ll just go die.”

This voice was very persistent and I didn’t want to see it. I was embarrassed to recognize this voice. But when I finally began to see it and finally began to listen to it and paid attention to it, I had to get help. I had tremendous help from my support circle to heal it and help it move on. Then it could leave and then you could come.

You’re all here on this call today because I was able to let that little voice rise to the surface—that voice of doubt and judgment and discouragement and self-hatred. I let it come up to the surface and acknowledged it and did my work to heal it. So I didn’t view those events that had poor attendance as failures. I viewed them with gratitude as helping me to see the next place that I needed to heal.

So you’ll have some version of that in your experience. You’ll find it. Your intention to find it will help it come to the surface so you can discover it.

I’d love to hear how this helps you.

with love, Kimberly

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