Are you an Angel On Call?

In a beautiful meditation today, the angels gave me more information for the 4 Free TeleSeminars. Often information comes to me a little piece at a time and this was a BIG PIECE!

The 4 Free TeleSeminars are on the topic of being an Angel on Call. Are you an Angel on Call? Are you feeling the call of your soul to greater service? Do you yearn to experience a closer relationship with angels so you can receive their guidance and healing touch?

This means the angels are calling you to be an Earth Angel on Call. Join us for this Free 4 TeleSeminar Series and learn how to Work with Angels to:
Receive guidance and healing
Clear blocks
Open to receive
Listen for your soul’s purpose
All preparing you to be a more effective and available Angel on Call
Please accept this invitation and sign up!

As I was preparing this program, I asked the angels what they wanted you to know.
Click to hear the message and learn more about the program.

With love,

P.S. Please forward this invitation to your friends. The angels are searching for 35 people who will know who they are when they hear this. The angels need you to be an Angel on Call and spread the word so we can find them.

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