Crack the Code in 2009

Dear friends,

You might be hoping that 2009 will be the year you crack the code and discover the magical “it” that will turn your life in the direction you desire and step on the powerful path you were destined for.

Sound familiar?

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about a phenomenal tele-program called, Aligning With Your Destiny: an 8 Step Blueprint for Whole Life Transformation beginning February 10 created by two powerful spiritual mentors and teachers, Anita Pathik Law and Lorraine Cohen.

I took this program last year and it turned my life around.

They say: The key to manifesting more of what you want is being in alignment. Simply put, whenever you are hitting up against obstacles, unintentional or undesired creations in your life, something, somewhere is out of whack. Unless you can see where you are out of alignment, you will continue to operate in a survival oriented space, which is a difficult place to attract and manifest your greatest desires.

In this highly interactive and experiential teleprogam, you’ll;

• Bridge spiritual principles with practical application so that you attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want

• Develop your intuition, emotional and spiritual intelligence to heighten your instincts and self confidence

• Transform fears and self sabotaging beliefs so that you can eliminate dramas and repetitive themes that keep you from manifesting your dreams and desires

• Awaken to the calling of your soul’s desire and experience more vitality and joy

• Learn to use the power of energy, choice and language to deliberately shift into a higher vibration of conscious creation

• Receive original and innovative hypnosis and theta meditations that will help you re-pattern non-serving beliefs and behaviors

Ready to make 2009 your best year EVER? Register by January 20 and save $148. Click here to learn more:

Access some FRE*EBIES!

They are so certain you’ll love and value this program for a lifetime that they are giving you a special gift of three audios that you can download today at

Then, go reserve your seat by January 20 (save $148 and reserve your spot!) at get ready for whole life transformation!

To you success and happiness,

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