Angel Ministry takes Wing

I’ve been talking about the Angel Ministry ordination program for months now. Yesterday was a magic day! With the phone off and nothing else to think about, the Angel Ministry curriculum came into focus along with big picture of this incredible program.

The Angel Ministry concept has been teasing me since early last year, just dancing around on the edge of consciousness with peaks and tastes here and there. Last summer, Dr. Judith Larkin Reno, the founder and President of Gateway University and Church, and my long time mentor and friend, offered Gateway as the home for the Angel Ministry. Several other large pieces fell into place magically, but a clear vision of the program itself had not yet emerged. I believe in divine timing so I waited, and listened, and waited.

Yesterday was the day! The program emerged out of a beautiful angel meditation that started in the heart of God, came through the angels, into hundreds and thousands of future Angel Ministers, through the millions of souls they will inspire and assist, and into my heart. I can’t find the words to describe the feelings of love, gratitude and enthusiasm that came with the angels invitation and guidance. I can’t wait to tell you more!

Please contact me if being ordained as an angel minister stirs your heart and resonates with your soul.

With love,

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