Led by Faith

For three months in the spring of 1994, the African nation of Rwanda descended into one of the most vicious and bloody genocides the world has ever seen. Immaculée Ilibagiza, a young university student, miraculously survived the savage killing spree that left most of her family and friends, and a million of her fellow citizens, dead. Immaculée’s astonishing story of survival was documented in the bestseller Left To Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust.

Now Immaculée’s amazing journey continues in her new book, Led By Faith: Rising from the Ashes of the Rwandan Genocide. Through her simple and eloquent voice, we experience her hardships and heartache as she fights to survive and find meaning and purpose in the aftermath of the genocide. Orphaned and alone, she navigates a bleak and dangerously hostile world with only an abiding faith in God to guide and protect her. Immaculée fends off sinister new predators, seeks out and comforts scores of children orphaned by the genocide, and searches for love and companionship in a land where hatred still flourishes. She struggles along with her homeland to heal from the wounds of war and to keep love, and forgiveness alive.

Then, fearing again for her safety as Rwanda’s war-crime trials begin, Immaculée flees to America to begin a new chapter of her life as a refugee and immigrant—a stranger in a strange land. With the same courage and faith in God that led her through the darkness of genocide, Immaculée discovers a new life that was beyond her wildest dreams as a small girl in a tiny village in one of Africa’s poorest countries.

It is in the United States, her adopted country, that she can finally look back at all that has happened to her and truly understand why God spared her… so that she would be left to tell her story to the world. Empowered by faith, Immaculée rebuilds her world with hope, love, and compassion.

After the genocide, how could Immaculée find peace in a world changed forever? Immaculée not only found her own miraculous peace but reached out to help others who were suffering. She discovered that love was the key to healing both her own heart and that of her people. The loss of her family left her wondering how she could ever begin to love again, when a friend shared these words:

“Go back into the world and find someone to bless with that same type of love. Give it to someone who has no love at all, such as the homeless, the sick, or the orphaned. Look for the beauty of God in the eyes of a little boy or girl. Find a child whose heart has been shattered, and give him or her some happiness. Remember, all love begins with a smile.”

Join Immaculée in her journey of discovery and spiritual growth: “I learned that when we have suffered a loss too great to bear, our hearts and minds are open to miracles…and sometimes even a little miracle can sustain our faith and help us survive.”

Led By Faith is dedicated to Dr. Wayne Dyer who met Immaculée at a spiritual conference in New York and vowed to bring her story of the power of love and forgiveness to the world.

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