New Life for Angel Blessings Cards

I am bursting with enthusiasm and joy and just have to share some very wonderful news with you. If you are an Angel Blessings Cards devotee, you may have discovered that they are out of print and getting harder to find.

This is great news! Let me tell you why. I now have the opportunity to update Angel Blessings Cards. This is no co-incidence. The angels started on me in February when I first got the news. They have been guiding me, setting up relationships, and filling me with the new energies that they want to have in the new version of Angel Blessings. We are much different now than we were 15 years ago when the first material came through. We have healed, increased our vibrations, gained awareness, opened our hearts to love more, and are ready for the next big infusion of angel blessings energy!

Are you ready for this?

On a Thursday, it occurred to me that it was time to get an agent to represent Angel Blessings and some other really cool stuff I can’t wait to do. First on the list of criteria for this agent was that she find me. On Saturday, just 2 days later, I received an email for the perfect agent! We are now creating the book proposal that will bring in the perfect publisher.

The next step was the art. As you know, the art in Angel Blessings is amazing. The paintings come from great masters and museums all around the world. The first publisher, Julie King and Merrill West, made at least 20 different contracts with painters, museums, estates and stock photo services all over the world in several different languages. Quite an awesome feat!

It’s time to let go of the old art and embrace a new vibration. As I was praying about who the artist might be, terrified to let go of this rich art history, an artist popped into my mind that I had just met a few months before in a soul based business class we took together. I remembered during one of the early calls I was sharing an experience for the class and I heard this voice interrupting saying, “You’re Kimberly Marooney on my Angel Blessings Cards! I’ve had them for 10 years and use them every day! I love them!”

That artist is Kathy Rotundo. See how the angels are bringing us together? The new artist needed to know these angels and energy intimately and personally to receive the vibration and images that are to take us into the next level. When I reviewed Kathy’s resume, I was overwhelmed with how beautifully the angels are bringing us together for this incredible work.

Here’s the latest. Just a few days ago I was reflecting on the music recommendations in Angel Blessings Cards. Music is an important bridge to help us connect with the energy of the angels. The music recommendations are now 15 years old. I wondered how I was going to find the new music to include. About an hour later, the phone rang.

Rev. Teri Hawkins introduced herself. Several weeks before, I had agreed to share the love about her new book in what we call a Joint Venture Partnership. I didn’t know why I agreed at the time, but I felt compelled to. So here’s Teri on the phone saying, “Hey! The promotion just wasn’t working so I started over. You are one of the few people who feels really in tune with my book. Are you still on?” Teri went on to tell me that she had radically changed most of the partners to include musicians. Get the link?

I hyperventilated as she mentioned her list of 70 soulful musicians and composers. That very day, I wrote an email introducing myself and inviting contact. Teri forwarded my invitation to her list and within an hour the responsed started to roll in.

What amazing people and music! Over the last few days I’ve cried, laughed and danced in joy as I listen to the songs that are arriving in my email. Even better, the phone is ringing as the angels bring us together in loving connection and companionship.

This feels epic! The angels are filling my heart and soul with so many ideas that the seams of who I think I am and what I think I can do are bursting wide open! The angels are dancing around with me, rejoicing at the revelation and expansion.

I haven’t been blogging very often, and now I feel compelled to share this evolutionary journey with you. Soon, I will set up a special website and newsletter just for the new vision of Angel Blessings. I’ll share the music, the art as Kathy finishes it, tastes from the new text for the book, inspiration, meditations and much more! Check in often to see what’s new!

With love,

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