The Power of Hypnotic Manifestation

About a year ago, I got introduced to Anita Pathik Law. That’s her on the left. We knew instantly that we were kindred souls. When we got to meet in person after a bazillion emails and phone conversations, Anita gave me a stack of her hypnosis CD’s. I stuck them in my bag and went home.

A little while later, I was having a challenge letting go of some old stuff. Anita said, “Well, have you been listening to Release Past Pain?”

No, I hadn’t. “Maybe you should listen to it every day for a week” Anita gently suggested. The next week we talked and Anita asked, “So how are you doing with that issue?” What issue? I couldn’t remember what she was talking about. “You, know the one you told me about? Did you listen to the Releasing Past Pain CD?” I had. I listened to it several days in a row and then just forgot because the issue wasn’t bothering me any more. Hmm, I thought.

A little while later I was having a cash flow challenge. Anita invited me to join a call where she was recording a manifesting money hypnosis meditation. I did! It was quite wonderful. I liked it so I listened to it. A while later Anita asked how I was doing and all was well with money. Hmm, I thought.

At this point, I got a serious interest in Anita’s hypnosis meditations, took one of her classes, “Aligning with Destiny” and started listening to her recordings regularly. Several months later now, I can say Wow! Anita has a golden touch.

Anita is joining me on Soul Connections Weekly Internet Talk Radio Wednesday, June 25 from 5:35 – 6:05 pm Pacific on

Join us! The Chat Room will be open so you can ask questions and be a part of what will surely be a soul provoking conversation. If you miss the live conversation, you can listen from the recording and even download the podcast.

With love,

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