Honoring Mothers & Creatrixes

Special Mother’s Day 2-Hour Radio Broadcast – Saturday, May 10th

Attention Mothers everywhere! Whether you have given life to children, projects or movements, you are Creatrixes all, and we honor you during our special two-hour Mother’s Day Internet Radio Broadcast on Saturday, May 10, 2008 – 5PM Pacific/8PM entitled, “Women – Visionaries, Venturers and Vessels of Change” with your hosts, Kimberly Marooney and Karen Tate.

Tune in to our awesome panel of talented women comprised of authors, healers, scholars, ministers, activists and practitioners as they discuss women’s roles on the planet from the earliest times to today and how women are being called to gather, act and rethink the meaning of their roles as caregivers.

The two-hour broadcast will be loosely divided into several segments, the first being with the notable talent and expertise of Marguerite Rigoglioso,Ph.D. discussing where we’ve been as women and how we got where we are now. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno will tell the story of the first Mother’s Day.

Next up is the Diva of Divine Relationships, Francesca Gentille, speaking on how women restore wholeness through relationships, sensuality and sexuality.

We’ll close the show with the remarkable Donna Henes on Self love and Charlene Proctor, Ph.D. will speak about where women are going as we support and empower each other.

The live, Internet talk-radio show will stream from the host page at:

An archive will be available at http://internetvoicesradio.com/Arch-Kimberly.htm shortly after the show. Read more about the hosts and this empowering discussion on Marooney’s blog at http://kimberlymarooney.blogspot.com

If you like this kind of programming, check out the weekly radio shows of your hosts, Kimberly Marooney and Karen Tate:

Rev. Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D., noted author, mystic and spiritual counselor, hosts “Soul Connections – Taking the time to connect from one soul to another,” a live Internet talk radio show. Each week, Marooney talks with spiritual luminaries, authors and consciousness experts who have personally experienced soul inspired creativity. Programs are content rich and filled with insight, techniques and resources to help listeners connect with the passion of their souls. Soul Connections archives are available at http://internetvoicesradio.com/Arch-Kimberly.htm. Live every Wednesday night at 5:35 p.m. Pacific/8:35 p.m. Eastern, this show is hosted on PIVTR. Learn more at KimberlyMarooney.com

Rev. Karen Tate, published author and scholar, hosts “Voices of the Sacred Feminine” a live Internet talk-radio show discussing the political, social and spiritual implications of the Feminine Face of God across continents and cultures, past and present. Listen as scholars, practitioners and activists of both genders and many faiths discuss the sex, power, and politics associated with the resurging awareness of the Divine Feminine in contemporary times. For more information, please see www.karentate.com Voices of the Sacred Feminine airs every Wednesday night, 6PM Pacific and 9PM Eastern, hosted by PIVTR, Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio at http://internetvoicesradio.com/us.htm

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