Goddess is the Secret

My friend Karen Tate and I will co-host a Mother’s Day Special Radio program called Women: Visionaries, Venturers and Vessels of Change on Saturday, May 10 from 5 – 7 pm Pacific Time.

I wanted to introduce you to her through this class she is teaching:

Saturday, May 5, 2008
Pasadena Area of California – 12N

Much has been made recently of the new book and dvd, The Secret, introducing us to a New Age, touchy-feely explanation for the old knowledge sometimes called the cosmic Law of Attraction. Like the slightly older and more science-driven film, What the Bleep Do We Know?, both inform the masses how our thoughts are things that literally alter not just our perception of the world around us, but our life and reality. Like a domino effect, this understanding then forms the foundation for belief that our actions, inspired by our conscious and unconscious thoughts, of course, then affect how our future unfolds. In other words, we get what we expect. We get back what we give.

But what these two aforementioned films neglected to see is how one might also choose to see the Law of Attraction in the esoteric context as the reciprocity of the Feminine Consciousness, Divine Feminine, or She of Ten Thousand Names, who is the Creatrix of All Things. If Goddess is the universal womb, the activator, the Shakti, it is from She the spark of life springs forth and it is from Her all energies of the cosmos emanate and flow.

For more about Karen Tate, please see her website at www.karentate.com

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