Angels of Vision, Rejoicing and Generosity

The May 13th program of Angel Love on Blog Talk Radio was wonderful! Did you know that your deepest pain is a doorway to Divine Love? The angels help us to recognize the door, open it, and go through it so we can experience deeper connections with our souls. To the soul, love is all that matters. The angels’ prime directive is to help us connect with Divine Love.

Frank called in to ask for help preparing for a court appearance. Paschar, the angel of Vision, came forward to help Frank see his situation from a higher perspective – that of his soul.

In meditation, the angel Paschar guided Frank to unite with his mother and sisters in the embrace of soul love. In that loving embrace was peacefulness and relaxation. Go to to experience this powerful meditation. The music is “Infinite Beaute” from Prelude to Infinity by Robert Coxon.

When we feel betrayed by family, when we feel resentful, victimized and angry, we can go to the soul level to transcend the physical situation so we can connect in love and healing. At the soul level, the love is profound. No matter what our life experience, our souls have a deep love and appreciation for each other. Often, we are healing lifetimes of pain through our current situation.

From the embrace of peace and love with the angels and soul, we can forgive and open to see new options for our situation. The angel Paschar is from Angel Blessings Cards.

LaShandra called in seeking reconciliation with her husband. The angels of Rejoicing came to remind LaShandra of the love and blessings she received from her husband during their life together. From this place of loving forgiveness, with rejoicing in the blessing of their relationship, she has a better opportunity of reconciliation.

The meditation with the angels of rejoicing took us into deep states of soul connection as we invite reconciliation, forgiveness and healing. The music is “Longing” from Prelude to Infinity by Robert Coxon. The angels of Rejoicing are from Angel Love Cards.

Our third guest from the chat room needed help with a family situation. The angel Generosity came forward with a feeling of open hearted love to forgive and invite siblings to participate in the care of their mom as she goes through Radiation treatments for cancer.

Often the primary care giver during a serious illness gives too much, jeopardizing health, other family relationships, and well-being. The angels of Generosity remind us that we must fill our own well so that we have something to give. It is vital to take the time needed for self-care; resting, getting a massage, meditating, walking in nature – getting what restores you to a loving heart, health, balance and sanity.

From this place, we can INVITE other family members to receive the blessing of giving generosly. A loving heart is an irresistible invitation. The music for this meditation is “Tranquility” from Prelude to Infinity by Robert Coxon. The angels of Generosity are from Angel Love Cards.

When we invite angels to take us on a journey to Divine Love and soul connection, the result is always forgiveness, healing and love.

Listen to this healing segment at:
Prelude to Infinity by Robert Coxon
Angel Love Cards
Angel Blessings Cards

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