Unconditionality and Inspiration

I got a message a week ago from Solazar Kyralani, asking me to be a guest on their Good Vibrations Radio program. The first time was really fun, so I was delighted to be called back. What peaked my interest was the topic – unconditionality and inspiration. These two words struck a chord in me.

At the beginning of the program, Kyralani gave her “Go with the Flow” report on the energies for April. She talked about receiving the flow of unconditional love, trust, faith and hope from our souls and angels. Next Skyye Song gave her “Heart of Healing” perspective, with spinal flexibility being a key to open hearted unconditional love. Well, I was hooked!

We took calls from some wonderful listeners and got to provide loving assistance, along with needed hope for some. The program was incredible. You can learn more about it at:

Before the broadcast, I was fatigued and lacking enthusiasm. After the broadcast, my soul was recharged, my mind was focused and my heart was pumping unconditional love. It felt as if my faith had been restored by loving others.

I’ve got to tell you, I woke up this morning with a bee in my bonnet. I knew exactly what I needed to do, how to do it and had the enthusiasm and energy to do it. Thank you Solazar and Kyralani for this super dose of unconditionality and inspiration. After all, inspiriation means “of Spirit”.

I was compelled to set up two free Angel Prayer Circles on the dates Kyralani gave for the optimal times to receive unconditional love, trust, hope and faith. Join me as we pray and allow more unconditional love, trust, hope and faith to elevate our souls and guide our lives. Learn more at:


On a fun note, Kyralani said that the colors for this inspiring energy are white, teal and yellow and the aromatherapy fragrances to open your heart and being are Frankincense – one of my favorites, Cinnamon and Teatree. Have some fun with this. I am.

Kyalani also shared two dates to start new projects. She said that April is the most powerful month to start new projects this year and these two dates optimize the energies to create with open-hearted unconditional love, trust, hope and faith. So set up two Angel Blessings Manifestation Circles to support you in launching your projects! Learn more at:


The colors for new beginnings or projects are beige, chocolate and plum, a yummy combination. The fragrances are Coconut, Myrrh and Neroli – all my favorites. What a great color and flavor palette!

Join me in the celebration of creation!

With love,

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