Start New Projects with April Energy

Today, April 29th, is optimal for starting new projects for the year. Go for it! Imagine big and do something to start your project or idea today to step into the flow of this creative energy from the heavens.

April 11 was the first optimal day for starting new things. I took advantage of it and am astonished by what has manifested as a result. People show up with exactly what I need, the ideas flood into my mind, I feel enthusiastic and energized.

Your project could be anything! A job, relationship, health, home, children, family delemma, life choice, financial issue, business, dream, wish, spiritual desire, desire for more love, a deeper connection with God, anything!

Step into the sacred circle tonight from 6 – 8 pm Pacific Time and choose your powerful angel team to expedite your vision. Learn how to create an angel team for anything from a shopping trip, to a vacation, to a kid soccer game, a medical procedure, organizing a closet, getting a new car, you name it! Sign up now and get your manifestation guide.

Join the Angel Blessings Manifestation Circle and enlist the heavenly support you need.

With love,

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