Donna Henes – “The Queen of My Self”

I love Donna Henes! Someone suggested her for my Soul Connections Weekly Internet Talk Radio program and I didn’t know anything about her. From the moment I saw her picture, I knew that we were soul sisters.

Queen Mama Donna is an internationally recognize urban shaman, writer and artist. She maintains a ceremonial center, spirit shop, ritual practice, and consultancy where she works with individuals, groups, institutions, municipalities, and corporations to create meaningful ceremonies for every imaginable occasion.

Donna was my guest on April 23. To listen to our fabulous conversation, go to

I’m fortunate, my passage into midlife hasn’t been too bad. Still, my body and perspective on life has changed dramatically. I hadn’t given it much thought beyond trying to keep up with the changes. It’s been interesting discovering “Who am I today?” for the last year or so.

For example, learning how to dress this newly shaped body has been quite a task. Not to mention trying to figure out what I’d want to wear. I used to be a real girly-girl. I liked pretty stuff, patterns, ruffly, elegant, lovely! Not any more. As my girl hormones have exited, I find myself liking a more no nonsense, simple and plain approach. Yep, no nonsense, plain, simple pretty much describes my mood, too. I don’t feel very colorful or paisly any more. I don’t even feel floral.

So when I started to read Donna’s new book, “The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty at Midlife,” I loved it. Donna opens with the progression into midlife. Now I understand why I’m feeling the way I do. Like me, Donna went through period of life where many people she loved died. And we both emerged from that phase into midlife.

The thing I like best about midlife is I’m not so shy. I’m much more willing to reveal to people what I really think and feel. It’s much easier for me to ask for and receive what I want and need.

My favorite part of our conversation was about administering Self Blessings! I love this idea. Donna is a celebration specialist. She devises meaningful ceremony and ritual as her job. Here are a few examples from the book on self blessing:

“You can bless your Self every time you apply lipstick.

“You can bless your Self with a scarf or a muffler. ‘I bless my Self. I wrap my Self with protection and surround my Self with love.’

“You can bless your Self with a sheet or blanket when you get into bed each night. ‘I bless my Self. I cover my Self with confidence, with affection, with appreciation, with support.’

“You can bless your Self with soap in the shower every morning. ‘I bless my Self. I cleanse my Self of impurities, insecurities, and all negative thinking.’

“You can bless your Self with unguents and lotions, applying them with loving affection. ‘I bless my Self. I soothe and caress and embrace my Self and ease away all my toubles.’

“The more you bless your Self, the more you believe it.
The more you believe it, the more you project it.
The more you project it, the more you attract it.”

We had such fun talking that we’re going to do it again. On May 10, Karen Tate and I will host a Mother’s Day Special. Donna will be one of our guests.

Learn more about Donna at:
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