April 15th Angel Readings

Did you know that I have a new program on BlogTalkRadio.com called Angel-Love? Each week we have a whole hour to do angel readings! We just finished the 3rd program and wow, what a great experience!

The best part was the meditation at the end. It was fabulous! The angels that came forward to help each person flooded us with love, forgiveness and grace so that we can clearly see how to go forward.

Darlene was our first guest needing help to get a job. She was overwhelmed with stress. In just a few breathes, her angels of Grace helped her to imagine a wonderful job where she gets to help people and they are grateful to receive her assistance. The angels of Grace handed Darlene a gift – a gray box. In that box, she perceived a pool of peace and tranquility. Now when she feels stress, she can close her eyes, take a deep breath, and receive the peace and tranquility along with the experience of total confidence. What a gift!

Jen wanted help deciding on a course of study. The angel of transcendence
came to help her let go of some old pain so she can heal. And the angel of Devotion brought the gift of loving devotion to show the way. Using devotion as a guide, Jen will be able to navigate the levels of energy or spirit safely, in the embrace of love.

Angela brought us the gift of awareness. She like many people, feels disconnected and odd. This is her soul calling her home to her true being. It is Archangel Michael who protects our soul calling. When we have reached the point in our evolution where we are completing our experience here on earth, our soul calls us. This call is often through loneliness, sadness, despair, feeling disconnected from life, and feeling like you don’t belong here. While this feels agonizing, it is a benediction. As you learn to meditate so that you can feel your soul and divine love, you will welcome these feelings – they are invitations calling you to deeper, more profound divine love and eternal peace.

Listen, you’ll love this program!

With love,

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