Angel Blessings Manifestation Circle Tonight!

My angel Manifestation Team just guided me through creating the materials for the Manifestation Circle tonight from 6:00 – 8:00 pm Pacific and am I juiced! Be a part of this sacred magic and register right away for one of the two Manifestation Circles!

If you are working on anything right now – and who isn’t! – join this Sacred Circle to receive an infusion and Divine Magic and Angel Energy to move your project forward at lightning speed and with ease towards a prosperous conclusion.

Many of the people I’ve spoken to lately are suffering from financial challenges. Is that you? If you can’t afford the $30, then send me an email right away and ask for assistance:

If you have a friend in need and can help them, please do it! This is a time to come together to support and help each other in love. The potent energies this month are of unconditional love, trust, hope and faith. If you are able, reach out a hand to pull someone else into light, love and truth by making a Love Gift on the registration page.

Do you need help with money issues, business, relationships, life decisions or health? Take this opportunity to receive super-infused Spirit energy to let go, clarify and manifest your needs and deepest desires.

The materials for this Manifestation Circle were created spontaneously as my Angel Manifestation Team guided me. We started with writing a very short and concise Mission Statement that acted as the guiding force.

The next step was making a list of tasks that started with a simple worksheet. As I tested it out, the worksheet matured and took on an powerful and simple structure that you can use as the beginning point for any project or desire.

Then, came the question, “If this was a job, who would do it? What would the job title be?” That brought further clarity to the tasks. For example, writing this invitation. I asked for a Divine Copywriter and the words are just flowing out!

Angels came next. Which angels want to help with each task? The angel of Appreciation jumped at the opportunity to fill my heart with ecstatic appreciation for all the assistance and energy I am receiving as I create this amazing Circle. She is such a dear friend – the Angel of Appreciation. She reminds me – and You! – to recognize and appreciate the gifts of support, guidance and love that are flowing through us this very minute.

Sandalphon, the angel of Power, popped out to help with registrations to remind us that we are powerful when we come together! Another part of the course materials is a Reference section with key quotes that support the consciousness of manifesting:

“Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”
— Matthew 19 – 20

Sandalphon is also a Seraphim and reminded me just last week that I need to let go of everything that isn’t my true Being so I can deliver the presence and power of spirit to heal and manifest that is so desperately needed right now. Seraphim are all about Miracles.

Is that your calling too? Claim your miracles!

Register for both Manifestation Circles so we can capture the power of this energy and use it manifest miraculous healing, prosperity, love, trust, appreciation, passion, and you name it!

“Imagine that the Spirits of Creation are standing ready to assist you in making your world. Believe that not only is the power to summon that creativity flowing through you, it is your divine right – divine assignment, even – to wield it.”
— Jean Slatter, Hiring the Heavens

The Circle starts in just a few hours so register now!

With loving encouragement,

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