What are Your Deepest Desires?

Last week on Soul Connections Internet Talk Radio, we did some great Live Angel Readings about career choices. The angels guided us to questions about our deepest desires.

Click to listen from the Archive, the scroll down to 2-13-08

Gwen wanted some career guidance. She has been unhappy and needs a change. The angel of Purity helps us have a pure heart to connect with the deepest desires of soul. Take some time in quiet meditation to discover who you are and what you want.

We broadcast a vibration through our thoughts, feelings and deeper desires. Angel Love Cards give us feedback on what we are broadcasting through the Law of Attraction.

Sometimes angels come to affirm that we are moving in the right direction. Other times, angels come to draw our attention to something new we need to look at. Other times, they draw our attention to deep pain we need to heal. How is the angel of Purity helping you?

Kathy asked if she should self-publish her writing and do some public speaking. The angel of Ecstasy encourages her to share her gift of writing. What are you being encouraged to share?

We are held on all sides by beautiful, magnificent angels. As we step out in new directions, it is important that we set ourselves up so we are held in love financially, spiritually and in our community of friends. Stop being alone and open your heart to allow loving support to manifest in your life.

Marla has made the jump into a new business and needs to know when she will see cash flow? The angel of Liberation helps us find needed inner strength and be liberated from fear. When you have feelings of stress and fear, close your eyes for a few minutes and find something you can trust, then say “I love you” to yourself. Let the angels love you. In just a few minutes you can switch from fear to love. You can choose the loving presence of angels over stress and fear.

As you navigate your career choices, be open. Use your intelligence and intuition. Listen within. Ask for angel assistance.

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Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith, and Grace

I love you,

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