We are Hear!

We are hear Blessed Child ~ yes, Hear and Here.
We hear your cries for love and we are here in response.
We are eternally by your side.
We have never, NEVER left you.
Not for a single instant in all of Eternity.
It is you who turns away from us.
It is a natural part of the material existance to Turn Away.
But that is all it is.
We are always with you though you choose to look another way.
We are always here to offer guidance even when you cover your ears and want to listen.
We are always here with love ~ especially when you suffer such pain of heart break
because you have forgotten you can simply turn around to embrace us and receive Eternal Love.
The choice is yours.
This is free will.
You choose where you want to reside at severy moment.
Do you want Heaven? or Hell? The choice is yours.
Heaven – truth – love – wisdom – connection – guidance
Hell – illusion – hatred – sorrow – fear – loneliness – abandonment
The choices is yours.
Yes, beloved, the curtain between the two is getting thinner for those who know how to push it aside.
Help others.
Show them how to part the curtain of illusion so they can breathe in Eternal Peace.
This is your calling!
this is what we ask of you.
You know how to surrender and step through into Heaven.
So many children are crying in the wilderness.
Take their hands and guide them.
Hold them in your loving heart and show the way.

Taken from my journal February 9, 2008

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