Jewels in Harlow – UK

Let’s take a step back to the events in Harlow, in the UK. This was such a sacred experience that I waited until I felt prepared to share the jewels that we experienced.

The first jewel was Karen Leys. She helped to organize the events and hosted me in her home. It was a treat to be with Karen and her family. When I arrived, I was still struggling with jet lag. I felt exhausted during the day and couldn’t sleep at night. Karen is a healing practioner of extraordinary abilities. Her business is Beyond the Body at the Peace Cottage Healing Lodge in Harlow. Karen took me into Peace Cottage, sat me in a chair and went to work on my head, neck and shoulders. I have had body work from world class healers and Karen’s intuitive and healing touch exceeded the best!

Karen’s touch combined with the music she played sent me into nirvana. Literally. By the end of the brief session, my spine had gently aligned itself and my body was deeply relaxed. I wished we had more time so I could have a full session, but it was not to be. By the way, the music was The Divine Name – sounds of the God code by Gregg Bradden and Jonathan Goldman.

The wonderful staff at Waterstone’s in Bishop Stortford were setting up for an event. Off we went, zooming through the picturesque little streets of the Harlow area on the way to the store. Here I am, telling about one of the angels in Angel Blessings Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration.

The people who came were the next jewels. It was a pleasure to feel the connection of love and share from our souls. After the event, I signed books and we got to know each other a little better.

The crown jewel was the “Jewels of the Soul” workshop on Saturday at the Peace Cottage Healing Lodge. To start with, Karen’s cottage is filled with her gentle, loving energy and beauty. The beautiful women who came all had a strong desire to find a deep connection of love with God. Their words say it best:

Akushi said, Thank you for your love and sharing. I feel softer and vulnerable today. I choose to be in the presence of God and I choose to allow myself to be grateful and humble that I am make in the image of God. I choose to gently look at myself in the light of God and let go. I can change and it doesn’t have to be a battle.

The point of this workshop is to learn to go deeply enough within yourself where you can hear the wisdom and guidance of your soul and God. The angels guide us to this place within. Once there, we have amazing realizations and profound experiences of love. Each time we enter this place, it is life changing. From the realizations and experiences, we extract the “jewels”.

At the end of the workshop, I ask everyone to write to me in a few days telling me about the jewels they received. Ranjini shared:

WOW!! Realising I was afraid of God was a biggie for me. Surrendering this fear to God, at the beginning was terrifying more like paralysing fear! How can I surrender my fear to someone I was fearful of? I made this my focus, journalled and prayed. I have now walked through that door of fear – and I am able to spend more and more time in the place where God’s love resides within me. As I focus on my unity with God I am at peace in the love of God.
Thank you for coming into my life and sharing your love and support to face the biggest fear in my life.

A few days later, Akushi said this:

I can see how I am giving my self the opportunity to heal a deep hurt and I know that it so deep that I do not know what to do so I am giving it up to God.Into his presence I shall enter now.

I have discovered that there are layers upon layers of fear and so I ask only to feel the love of God, and with this I feel peace and from there I feel safe and from there I feel protected and from there I feel connected and from there I am soft and open to gentle guidance and I feel my heart and then I truly care and everything else fall into place.

Thank you for reminding me of this. I am so grateful it takes the panic away.

What powerful realizations! Karen shared this from a meditation she had after the workshop:

I was aware of being washed over by wave after wave of energy. The image on the card is of Christ laying in the presence of the heavenly host of angels, hands offeringto carrying him, my quote was of “multitudes of angels await to carry……… ” and I could feel I was being carried. I was praying to be taken as close to the divine as I could go, and the rush through my solar plexus throughout my body, was like butterflies but amplified hugely.

My greatest joy comes from showing others the way into God’s heart.

With love,

ps. The next Jewels of the Soul Workshop is in Slovenia on June 9th! Please join me if you can.

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