I love the Dutch people!

Chantie Goelela met me at the airport and created the most loving adventure for me. Just after I arrived, we had an “Angel Blessings Healing Circle” in Chantie’s home. The people who came were so open hearted that I fell in love with them.

When I do events, I ask a lot from the people who come. I ask them to share their deeper feelings and pain. In the beginning it’s a little hard because they are afraid. But as we get going, and they begin to see the benefit of opening their hearts to healing and love, they jump right in. Then together, we experience the healing love of God. By the end, everyone’s hearts are open, their eyes are shining brightly, and we are all deeply connected in love. It is a rare and sacred experience.

On Whit Monday, we went to the Selexyz Scheltema bookstore in Amsterdam for a lecture and demonstration. It was pouring rain and Chantie and I were a little wet and bedraggled when we arrived, but Jac. Peeters from my Dutch publisher Librero was at the door to welcome us. Jan Hilkemeijer and Roselein prepared an incredible space.

The store was crowded for me. The chairs filled up and they brought out more and still people were standing all over the place trying to hear and be part of this extraordinary event.

I asked people to close their eyes and feel vulnerable in a busy, noisy, crowded room and they did! After a meditation and the sharing, their eyes were on fire and their hearts were dancing! The joy and love of the moment was awesome. By the time I finished speaking, we were all so connected in love that the people rushed forward to be with me personally and share their experience. I signed books and had soul connections with people for over an hour afterward.

More wonderful adventures in Cappel a/d Ijessel at the Anay New Age Bookstore. Martin and Diana Doornbos were incredible hosts. We had potent private healing sessions during the day and yet another profound Angel Blessings Healing Circle.

You can hear more about this on my Soul Connections Internet Radio program from May 30 – From Hamburg, Germany. To listen, go to: http://www.internetvoicesradio.com/Arch-Kimberly.htm

Can you join me here in Europe? I’d love to meet you. I’m in Hamburg at the Engel Kongress now and then go to Munich, Slovenia, and Stuttgart. To learn more about these events, visit my website: http://kimberlymarooney.com/events/workshops.html



Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D.

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