Breath deeply! – wisdom from Osho

I’ve been traveling for a month now in Europe which may sound exciting, but it is a work trip and many moments have been quite challenging. I am alone and things don’t always go as I would like. Thankfully, the challenges are minuscule but seem enormous in the moment.

As an example, the internet is my lifeline to connecting with those I love. Last night, after a long day of travel from Slovenia to Stuttgart, I was very tired and hungry. I just wanted to get online so we could talk with my beloved. The internet access in the hotel wasn’t working. After 2 hours of trying, I felt utter desperation.

The only choice I had was to completely let go and surrender to God. While in Slovenia, I had a few minutes in the bookstore, I just grabbed the first thing that I felt attracted to. It turned out to be the transcript of a 7-day retreat in India with Osho including his discourses and meditation instructions. What a God-send!

The first meditation instruction was to breathe deeply and get hyper-oxygenated. I had forgotten this! So last night, in my state of despair, I followed the instruction below and breathed. This alone calmed my body and mind! Then my heart opened to let go and receive love. What a gift.

I am so deeply grateful to have this option of going into God’s loving embrace. It is the only love that truly satisfies my soul.

Here is a taste of the instruction:

The first thing to keep in mind is throughout the day to breathe as totally as possible and, whenever you remember, to inhale as deeply as you can. Hyperoxygenate! The energy you liberate for your work will be in direct proportion to your intake of breath. A great deal of energy lies hidden in your body. It must be aroused and activated towards meditation; it must be channelled into meditation. So The first meditation sutra I give you is to activate that energy. The nearest and the easiest means available to you is your breathing activity.

As soon as you wake up in the morning and come to your senses, begin to breathe deeply, sitting on your bed. When you are walking along the road, breathe as deeply as you can. Do it slowly, don’t overexert yourself, be comfortable and joyful – but remember, your breathing should be deep. Bear in mind all the time that it will be easier for you to go into meditation if you take in as much oxygen as possible. The more oxygen you have in your blood, in your heart, the easier you will find your meditation. The more you expel carbon dioxide, the easier it will be for you. The impurities decrease as you increase the amount of oxygen in your body. It is interesting to know that the mind finds it difficult to function if the basis of bodily impurity is removed. The opportunity for thoughts to flourish in your mind will lessen as you absorb more fresh air; and as I told you, this will enhance the potential for sutras like this to blossom and flower within you.

This excerpt is from “Heartbeat of the Absolute” by Osho. There are a few used copies available on Amazon. I highly recommend this book! I find myself wishing that I had 7 days to go into seclusion and practice these meditations without interruption!

Soon, I will post entries for the Engel Kongress in Hamburg and my adventures in Slovenia!

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