The Language of Love

The way we talk to each other, the way we communciate, shapes every relationship we have. Our ability to commune with each other determines the success of or distroys our relationships.

There are three basic types of conversation that are vital in love and in business relationships:

  1. SHARING your story, experiences, ideas, realizations and desires. We need someone to listen with an open, loving, attentive heart as we share who we are – all aspects of our being. When we feel heard with respect and love, we flourish
  2. LISTENING to your partner share his/her story, experiences, ideas, realizations and desires. When we truly listen, as if what we are hearing is the most important thing in the world right now, we connect or commune with our partner at a deep level. We develop safety and trust to share our most secret and intimate self.
  3. GO TO SOMEWHERE NEW TOGETHER. When we can get beyond our stories, something truly miraculous can occur. We can go somewhere new in consciousness togehter! We enter the realms of creation as we leave behind what we know and explore new territory together. This new territory could be vulnerability or intimacy. It could be an experience of forgiveness. When we let go of limiting fears and tolerate discomfort, the depth of connection we can experience is astonishing! From this connection, we can explore functional, loving relationships. We can also create amazing things.

Each relationship needs to have a balance of these three types of conversation. It spells doom when one person dominates the relationship by dumping story after story on the other.

Gain awareness by becoming attentive to how you communicate. Do you dump your stories on others? Do they want to hear what you are saying? Are you a good listener? Are you able to get beyond the stories to new territory? If not, why not? Where do you get stuck?

Try an experiment with these three types of conversation. See what happens!

I’d love to hear.


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