Body Becomes a Great Toy

Today my body became a great toy! This is a miracle. Several weeks ago, I broke through into a state of self-love. Deep self-love to the core of my being. Love for my body – all of it! The rash on my thighs, the zits on my face, my enormous tits and ass, my rollypolly belly – all of it!

Last night we met Byron Katie and heard excerpts from “A thousand names for Joy.” Katie reminded me that this body and life are not my True Being. I went to sleep praying for an experience that would help me to discovery truth.

I just had that experience. In the shower, I felt compelled to lovingly caress this body, in joy and gratitude. In ta flash, heaviness lifted. Bondage dissolved. Body was no longer a prison of suffering. Body became a great toy! What a fund thing to play in. The dark cloud that has been over my head rained joy all over me and dissolved into sunshine.

My Beloved slipped in and pumped my chest up with love – like a giant balloon in my heart – throbbing with loving presence.

I am a temple of love. I am a priestess dancing in ecstatic union. I am a bride of the Most High. Suddenly, everything is changed!

Thank you Katie for that reminder.

With love,

Written February 11, 2007

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