Angel’s Path to the Soul in Northern Michigan

Good Hart

The woods of Northern Michigan shelter an incredible secret. On the shores of Lake Michigan where the birch leaves turn brilliant colors and then drop, the little community of Good Hart shines a beacon of love.

Primitive Images is a rustic furniture store perched on one of the most beautiful highways in America with only the companionship of the Good Hart General Store.

Here is the secret: The owner of Primitive Images, Ceci Bauer, has created a tea room in the back called Good Hart & Soul that attracts amazing people from all over the world.

Ceci invited me to brave the ever changing fall weather of the Northern shore to present “The Angel’s Path to the Soul Weekend” from November 9 – 12, 2006 in her tea room. Something about Ceci drew an immediate “Yes!” out of me. The events that followed and the people who came were extraordinary.

Healing Circle

We started with an “Angel Blessings Healing Circle” on Friday night, which just happened to be my 50th birthday! That’s me in the yellow sweater on the left, seated in front of the tea bar. Jill in blue and I are listening as a participant shares her experience. Jill’s profound realization was, “All I have to do is show up!” A certain truth.

Ceci and her incredible helper Irene are shown above and on the right with champagne and a delicious carrot cake to celebrate my birthday after the Circle. Irene confessed, “I was a bit skeptical and you showed me how to look within for answers. I intend to be more introspective now. You are as warm and intuitive as I had hoped. Thank you for your guidance.”

Sue Meyers (on the right in purple) of “BreakThru Seminars” came from Florida for the event. She has been using Angel Blessings Cards for years in her seminars and sessions. I felt quite honored to meet this amazing woman and hear her story.

Sha Spady (on the right) flew in from Oregon with her open heart and profound desire.

Our Healing Circle was blessed as thunder and lighting announced the presence of the Almighty during our meditation.

Sha said, “Huge trembling of the walls of restriction and limitation! It felt wonderful in my body to be loved and feel the armour around my heart vibrate into light waves. This was the most supportive, loving and beautiful group.”

Jane, Jeanne, and Mike brought their unique gifts of loving presence (left) as did everyone else who came. Jeanne described the evening as “Glorious!” Michael said his connection with God and the angels felt “powerful.”

“Divine energy moves in a room! I feel so blessed to feel it. This was an incredible group. Good, good people. I felt very accepted and comfortable to really feel my feelings. Thank you for placing some warmth, surrender and love within my heart. I am very pleased to have been at this gathering.” — Cynthia Haynes

Private Healing Sessions

As part of the “Angel’s Path to the Soul Weekend,” I offered private healing sessions. Jackie Devereaux described her session: “I want to stay in that state of God’s love. It was so overwhelming, such love, to be there always. This was the real true connection. I’m feeling light as air. Words cannot express how I feel. Kimberly, thank you so much for helping me. you are gifted and wonderful woman. I truly feel blessed to have met you.”

Jewels of the Soul

On Sunday, we had a second workshop, Jewels of Soul. Jewels are profound realizations from your soul that guide you to truth. Jill felt “total joy” in her connection with God and the angels during the workshop.

“This group was incredible – all so loving, supportive, and positive. Each person unique and incredible. Thanks for bringing us all together. So glad you spent your 50th in this amazingly beautiful spot in one of the four corners of a semi-remote world.” — Sha Spady

Sue Meyers said the weekend was “peaceful, joyful and freeing. I must spend more time with self and going within.”

“All my truths are in my heart for my asking.” — Kay Root

Connecting with God and the angels was “the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever felt.” — Jackie Devereaux

I felt truly blessed to be with this group of people in this incredible spot on the planet for the best 50th birthday I could have imagined. If birthdays are an indication of what’s coming, this next year has got to be spectacular!

The beautiful flowers are from my wonderful family. Thanks Mom, Dad, Megan, and Chris for your loving support. You made my day.

Thank you everyone who attended for your love, generousity of spirit, and willingness to travel deeply within. Your desire attracted the pure love of God. We are all blessed.


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