Oct. 24th Feast for Raphael

October 24th is Feast Day for Archangel Raphael.

Raphael proclaimed himself to be one of the seven angels who enter and serve before the Glory of the Lord. In the Book of Tobit, The Lord sent Raphael in response to the soulful pleas of Tobit and Sarah for help. Raphael appeared as a human to guide Tobiah on a journey to retrieve his blind father Tobit’s investments in another town.

During the journey, Raphael kept Tobiah safe, arranged for his marriage resulting in love and wealth, released Sarah (Tobiah’s new wife) from a demon that had killed her 7 previous husbands answering her prayer, and estored Tobit’s vision answering his prayer. To celebrate the sacred marriage and answer to prayer, Sarah’s father threw a 14-day wedding feast followed by a 7-day feast with Tobit when the kids returned home.


It’s an opportunity to connect with divine guidance that has the potential to result in more loving relationships, greater wealth, and healing.


Prayer and meditation take us to the temple of the soul where communication with the Lord and angels takes place.

* Set aside time for prayer and meditation.
* Journey within yourself to the temple of your soul to commune with the source of divine guidance and healing.
* Ask for what you need. Talk to Raphael as if he is a close friend who can help you. He is. It may help to look at the picture of Raphael while you talk. Make it simple and personal.
* Listen with an open heart, mind, and body. Responses often come in the form of feelings, and are seldom what we expect. Watch for synchronistic events in your life.
* Search for important questions to ask. Questions that could result in profound information to improve your life.
* Listen for information and directions. What actions do you need to take?
What changes do you need to make? Where do you need to go within yourself that could result in profound healing?
* Celebrate! Make a feast of appreciation and thanksgiving. Invite your friends and family. Praise the Lord and Raphael for their loving guidance. Tell your friends how the Lord has blessed you.
* Give to others. Raphael instructed Tobit and Tobiah to give generously.

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