Manifesting from deeper intelligence

What a glorious day! Sunshine, blue skies, warm wind, the scratchy voices of humming birds and the buzz of a fly, it’s a perfect day to think.

I have a number of workshops coming up as well as a big project that need thought. It’s time to look ahead over the next two months and plan what needs to be done and when.

Planning that comes from my deeper intelligence is always better than the first thing that pops into mind so time to drop within. As I close my eyes and drop within, the embracing feeling of connection spreads from the heart, warming into sweet love and comfort.

My Lord, help me to let go of everything and come to You. You know me better than I know myself. Please my Lord, I open my mind and heart to your guidance. Help me to see as you see. Show me what truly matters that each step I take bring me closer to you. My Lord, I am Yours. Use me as You will.

Please Lord, what do I need to see through eyes and live from my soul today?

I have to laugh. I was drawn to the Angel Blessings Card Manifestation. This angel came to me several days ago. Many of my readers who write to me say that they pull the same card over and over and over. Some people go so far as to take the card out of the deck and hike it somewhere because they get tired of seeing it. So the angel Jamaerah is here with me, guiding me to “manifest” the needed tools, energy, materials, and people. I feel deeply loved and blessed.

“And the Lord said ‘Let there be light’ and there was light.” — Genesis 1:3

That tells the story. As I wrote in Angel Blessings, “Desire attracts the visions that God wishes to manifest and nurtures them as they make their way through the heavens gathering substance. Choose carefully that which you wish to manifest… Choose to create from love that which will be a blessing to yourself and others.”

Now that I feel situated deeper within myself and connected, it’s time to think and plan ahead.

To learn more about Angel Blessings, go to my website and click on the book cover.

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