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I’m Kimberly Marooney and I am blessed with the most amazing connection with angels. It’s why this site is called Angel Blessings®. When the angels want a new vibration and information manifested on earth, they ask me and off we go on a wild co-creative adventure together! The divine love, healing, guidance and resources I receive from them leaves me in continual gratitude and amazement.

It wasn’t always like this for me. I used to think I had to attract angels to me because I couldn’t perceive them. For many years, I cried, prayed and begged to know them personally and to experience their embrace of love. It took me a long time to recognize their presence in my daily life. Gradually, the connection between us strengthened and expanded to become a living Presence in my life that is here always.

As they say, “We are HERE.” If your heart is yearning to know angels, you are already surrounded and guided. Your angels guided you here! Now it’s time to learn to recognize their Presence and how they are communicating with you. It’s seldom the way we think it should be.

A friend told me that I am the master of Angelology in our lives. That made me smile. It is so true. The angels have taught me how to use everything in my life from my deepest pain and longing to my most joyful celebrations, to open my heart to experience oneness with them, and with The Divine. Then from that experience, to breathe their energy into my life to solve problems and serve others.

Miracles happen when heaven intersects with our hearts here on earth. We are Earth Angels.

Our hearts open the gateway to the heavens. Open hearts invite angelic interaction. Then the angels activate our hearts with pure Divine Love and EVERYTHING in life Changes.

So how can you Attract Angels?
·         How can you recognize angels in your life?
·         How can you receive angel messages of love, healing, and guidance to be the Angel Worker that you are?
·         How can you be of greater service?
·         What is your soul calling and life purpose?

The right question opens the heart to receive answers.

Angel Blessings!

kimbelry marooney