Archangel Metatron’s Ascension Chakra Activation


Are your body, emotions, thoughts, intuition and soul aligned with Divine Will?

Driving through the mountains one glorious summer day, Archangel Michael appeared in the seat next to me. Through telepathic communication, Michael invited me to “host” 7 Archangel Activations. I said YES! The result has been life-changing.

Archangel Metatron’s Ascension Chakra Activation was the second one I received, and quite a surprise. He said that he is here to help leaders come out of hiding to step forward in truth and wisdom.

Metatron’s Activation of the ascension chakra at the back of our heads increases the flow of Divine Loe to help us transform our fearful and judgmental thoughts of the lower mind. Divine Love cultivates the true energy of our souls and supports us to elevate our consciousness to higher awareness.

When the ascension chakra opens, our ability to align with Divine Will is enhanced. Body, emotions, mind, intuition and soul align to support living in joy, love, and delight.

Metatron is a vast and complex being of great power. He serves many functions including head of the archives, also known as the Akashic Records.

Sacred geometry manifests through Metatron’s Cube, and helps us journey beyond time and space into the eternal now. Hebrew wisdom says that he was not always an angel, but was once known as Enoch.

Your innermost thoughts create your outer reality through magnetic attraction. Invite Metatron to elevate your thinking and consciousness, opening you to greater awareness of your soul purpose and life calling.

Metatron said,

Create your your heart through love and the rewards will be great.

I’m offering a live, in person, face-to-face workshop in Port Angeles, Washington October 13. It’s worth some travel. Why not make it a personal healing retreat? Book healing time with Kimberly and ask about lodging.

With love,


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Stop Mourning and Rejoice!

I am so blessed to receive powerful angel messages! One after another! Sometimes it takes me a while to grown into them. The angels gave me this message a year ago. It was important when I received it. It truly resonates with my heart and soul today.

This message moved me so much that I shared it with the Illumination Circle for Mother’s Day!

Here is a taste:

The time is at hand.
The waiting has ended.
The period of Mourning is complete.
Release everything that you have been mourning the loss of.
It is weighing you down like an anchor.
Raise your anchors – all of them – and prepare to sail. 
The winds of the heavens are blowing with Promise, Prosperity, Purpose and Position! 
4 P’s! Imagine that! 

The Promise of the Golden Age dawning is before you.

The Golden Age of Light, Love, Truth, Joy, Wisdom, Compassion, and Care for one another.
You are here in embodiment because you are one of the strong ones.
You are the Seraphim.
You chose to come at this time of critical change.
You chose to be here during this important transition from darkness to light.
You are worthy of so much more than you know! 
If you only knew the Promise that is ahead of you, you would do anything to prepare for it.
You would do anything to let go of the chains and shackles that still bind you – that you cling to!

You have the POWER – yes, another P – to release your chains of bondage and walk away from your prison at any moment.
You have all the keys.
Loss, pain, worry, anxiety – these are your shackles.
They bind you to old stories of limitation that you mourn over and worship.
You guard them like a precious treasure.

This is programing of the 3rd dimension consciousness.
Are you done with it?
Aren’t you ready to let it go?
Don’t you want to burn it on a sacrificial fire of love to be transfigured into divine knowing, guidance and Presence?

You would not see this message if you were not ready to release and take the leap of faith into PROSPERITY!
Did you know it is your beliefs that shield you from the Prosperity you seek?
These very stories and precious beliefs of limitation and suffering that you cling desperately to are a shield to prosperity.
On one hand, you are begging for prosperity.
With all your might, you close your energy field to receive it.
This is your prison.
Prosperity is just out of sight because all you can see are the walls of lack.
These walls are composed of the stories you tell yourself and the beliefs you have constructed.
While the walls may feel like a concrete bunker, they are gossamer fine like a thin muslin that has worn holes from use over time.
You have worn thin the stories that bind you to suffering.
You could blow them away with your breath!
Do that now!
Take a deep breath and exhale sharply, powerfully, blowing down the wall of poverty, the stories of limitation.
Let new stories of Prosperity fill your mind, heart and being.

Image yourself – RIGHT NOW – in this moment, not sometime in the future but NOW – living in Prosperity.
You have more than enough for everything.
More than enough to pay bills – to pay of credit card debt and loans.
What is debt but a promise?
You have already received something that you wanted or needed through the generosity of the Universe – providing it before you could open to the prosperity that is your divine birthright!
Think of it as an advance from the treasure vault of your true wisdom, wealth, abundance, brilliance and prosperity.
The more gratitude you have as each “bill” arrives, the more prosperity will present itself.
Let us rename “bills” to “gratitude reminders.”
As each gratitude reminder arrives, feel deep and profound gratitude in your heart and soul for what this advance of prosperity provided for you. 
Whether it was food, clothing, shelter, travel, education, business expansion, development – that advance has helped to bring you to this moment when the waiting is over.

The Shift is occurring.
The Activation is taking place this moment.

Your true Being – the mighty, Brilliant Being of Light – the Powerful Shining One is flooding you with resources.
Can you feel your energy shifting, changing, transfiguring this moment?
When you receive a gratitude reminder, feel this infusion of empowerment and prosperity.

  1. Close your eyes and breathe it in.
  2. Choose it!
  3. Call it forth from the future into NOW.
  4. Claim it!

4 C’s!
As you write checks or make payments, have gratitude for the abundance in your account, whatever the balance may be!
Deep and profound gratitude for what has come into your account and the source of this prosperity.
This is the Circle of Abundance – you give and receive.
Give to yourself, too!
Share the prosperity with your self.
Set aside cash.
Transfer some into a saving account.
Remember how you have already given to yourself through the blessing of the advance with gratitude.
This is a form of giving to yourself.
The deeper your change of perspective, the faster abundance and prosperity will come to you.
Do you understand what we mean by “stop mourning?”
The time of mourning over old stories of limitations is past.
Embrace infinite Prosperity!
Infinite flow of money, support, wisdom, guidance, resources, health, joy and delight.

You are a Precious Child of Light.
You are an infinite being.
It is time to feel the grace and power, the tenderness and passion, the wisdom and glory of who you truly are. 


Purpose is next! Watch for it.

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Happy Valentines Day with Angel Purity


I was meditating this morning, asking how we can be more loving on this Valentines Day of Love?

The Angel of Purity is perfect!

I read the full Angel message from Angel Love Cards on Facebook.
Click here to watch!

While you are there, “Like” or “Follow” me! And leave a comment with your favorite heart opening angels!

Buy One Get One with Angel Love Cards by clicking this link.

With love,

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Archangel Gabriel Message

Archangel Gabriel has an important message for us. Here is part of the message:
Beloved Children of Light, you are far more powerful than you know.
You are far more abundant, creative and imaginative than you have allowed yourselves to be. 
You are magnificent, glorious, radiant Beings of Light who have chosen to take birth at this time to help with the uplifting of human consciousness on an unprecedented scale.
We are here with you always because We are YOU and YOU are WE.
We are One – We are Connected.
You don’t need to summon us or earn our presence. 
We are simply here with you, always.
Turn your attention to us.
Turn your attention within to your inner senses and you will discover that we are here always.
The human game is to believe that you need us to navigate the challenges of life.
While that is true, the greater Truth is that we need you.
You are our voice, our hands of love, our feet walking the Earth, our message of a greater vision for humanity.
We need you! 
That is why we are calling to you now to Come Home within to the love and connection that has always been here, patiently waiting for you to re-discover.
We are calling you to wake up from the sleep of separation and sorrow, and open your eyes to the joy and delight of your origin in the Family of Light!
You are that magnificent Shining One – a Deva! 
You are immensely powerful and tenderly loving.
One second of your full power could light up a huge city for decades. 
And your tender love heals all wounds and restores all imbalances.
You are truly the gift and the blessing.
You are the salvation of humanity. 
Don’t fall for the lies another moment.
Don’t slip into anger and victimhood.
You are the cause and creator of benedictions beyond imagining! 
The wait is over.
We call to you now to Rise UP in Consciousness.
To step on the Angels Path to Doul
To Fly on Angel Wings into the Heart of Divine Love. 
The purpose of the Gateway Community is to Raise our Consciousness together. Just as Gabriel is inviting us to do.
Each month, we connect to learn about an aspect of Higher Consciousness and to learn tools that will help us to more quickly and easily elevate our consciousness when we realize that we are functioning at a lower level.
Membership is only $22.22 per month. Stay as long as you like and leave any time. You’ll love the resources you get access to!
With love,
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Message from the Archangels on your Gateway of Opportunity


Here is a message from the Archangels to Remind YOU of who you are!
Children of the Most High, radiant beacons of Light, we hold you in love. This is a time of great awakening. You have passed through the Lion’s Gate, the Total Eclipse and so much more! Energy is pouring into your planet and your hearts to elevate your consciousness and vibration. 
When you are in tune with the transmissions, you can surf on the energy into profound healing and restructuring of life. When you are not aware, the giant waves crash down upon you and wash you into chaos.
This is a GATEWAY of OPPORTUNITY. A Gateway to Freedom from old beliefs and patterns. 
What would it feel like to leave behind suffering?
What would it feel like to wash away health challenges?
What if you could open to receive waves of abundance and support?
This is possible with the flow of energy that is upon you.
What does your heart desire?
What is your soul calling you to?
We are here to make it possible. 
You are witnessing the chaos created by those who are disconnected from the Source of Wisdom and Love. While it is unpleasant and can even appear frightening at times, be at peace. Be still, Listen within and trust that you are guided and protected. 
This chaos is part of the cycle of elevating consciousness. Not everyone wants to come! Not everyone is ready to forsake ego control and surrender to divine presence.  As you witness this unfolding, have compassion for the public figures who are struggling to retain power and control. This kind of power and control is an illusion. They can create some mischief. In the bigger picture, they are disrupting the status quo, opening the space of the new energy to pour in.
​​​​​​​You are watching this happen with the health care system in the United States. The power mongers are utterly failing to pillage. Their pitiful actions are seen by more and more people. Good hearted children of Light who have been captured by illusion are coming into the Light. Good hearted people are awakening to a greater truth and care for their fellow humans.
The true role of government is becoming more obvious through the attempted mis-use of power. The good hearted souls are finding their voices and power within the system. Millions of you. Not just the few hundred in Congress. The millions of citizens are realizing your power to love. Power to choose. Power to care for one another for you are all truly one. 
That is where the expression One-Another came from. You are unique, and yet one, a part of the whole. All of YOU. Even the ones you disagree with and disdain. They have a purpose. By stirring up the systems, they are opening the way for true reform that is respectful of all. 
Breathe. Relax. Trust. Open. Receive. Give. 
That is the magic formula. The Seraphim Formula. 
What do you want to Receive?
What is your Big Picture?
What do you care about most?
What do you love?
If you could skip into the most amazing life, what would it look like? Where are you? What are you doing? Who is with you? How does it feel? What do you have? What do you give? Who benefits?
Imagine in detail. 
Then, give! Feel the pleasure and joy of giving from your heart and soul. Feel the abundant flow from Source. Taste the infinite supply that is available. Imagine yourself eternally in this infinite supply. This is the truth of your Being. The limitation you experience now is simply a program. You can leave the hologram that is running this program and enter another. From your higher consciousness, you choose the hologram program you experience in life. Why not choose another? 
Why not give yourself the joy of a better life?
What is a better life for you? More love, better health, greater abundance? The ability to be more productive or helpful? More generous? Do you yearn to feel supported? Better cared for?
Then upscale! Choose this life. The energy that is flowing in to Earth now is bringing the possibility and opportunity of this kind of shift. 
We are with you now. Take our hands and allow us to guide you.
You can simply BE the master that you are.
We Love you.
As I read this message again, I feel the invitation to spend more and more time in that state of connection. How about you?
With love,
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Archangel Raphael Healing Clinic is OPEN!

Archangel Raphael’s Healing Clinic is a most amazing place! You’ll love the personal experience of being there through this guided meditation, then returning to life with the richness of substance, wholeness and love.

Here’s the best part.

This meditation opened the gateway for the angels to ask me to co-create The Big Book of Angel Cures! That is our working title for now. This message from Archangel Raphael is the heart of the new book.


Bring your health and life challenges to Raphael, the comfort angels and the healing angels often.



with much love,






P.S. Want more? Each month we connect through a Live VIDEO broadcast, just like this one to experience deep meditation and healing with the angels. Are you an Angel Worker? Do you call angels forth for your work or business? Are you an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Angel Reader, Life Coach or therapist? Click here  For Angel Workers Only.

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Loving Kindness Activation

December was such a powerful and amazing month!

I just had to share with the the best of what has happened.

Each month we gather on live video broadcast for our Illumination Circle. The Angels told me we would receive a Christmas Present. WE DID!

A Loving Kindness ACTIVATION!

Click here to watch and benefit:


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Message from Archangel Metatron



In my meditation this morning, I started out feeling somewhat less than focused and receptive. I was at 25% Receptivity to be exact. As an angel worker, I need to be higher than that!

So I asked for help Receiving! The angels of Miracles, Rejoicing and Fulfillment showed up, along with Archangel Metatron and his Ascension Chakra Activation. 

By the end of this message and the Activation, I was at 100%! You might wonder how I know? I tested! That is part of the A~HA!~ Archangel Healing Activation Protocol. It works! Angel Worker on call again!

Message from Archangel Metatron

Breathe – Relax – Trust – Receive – Love – Give

Again and again. Over and over. Every day. All your days. Through out all eternity.

Breathe. Yes, the universe breathes. Spirit breathes. Not with lungs as you breathe, but with the flow of energy – in and out – condensing and expanding. Life a pulse or a heart beat. The beat, the breathe of life. Spirit expands and contracts to this breathe of life as it creates and loves.

Relax. Yes, the universe relaxes. Just as you make an effort then relax, so does Spirit. The endeavor or action is followed by relaxing to receive. Relaxing is part of receiving. We relax the effort to listen – to witness – to perceive – to feel – to sense – to connect. We open in relaxation and reach out with our inner senses.

Trust. We must Trust what we are receiving to benefit from it. Trust our experience. Trust the Source to provide what is needed and beneficial. The Source can’t block you from receiving. That is not a possibility. It is you who block goodness from entering your field of possibility. The response is there. Resources are there. It is your out dated beliefs that deflect love from flowing into your heart and material life.

Receive! Lavish abundance is real! Loving support is real! The visions in your soul are real! We are Real! Receive! Let go of all thoughts to the contrary. Quit believing in disaster and poverty.

Rejoice! Be elevated, uplifted by the angels who surround you always. Open your heart and eyes to see them! Open your heart to know them. They are here.

We are here Always!

Love naturally fills an open heart. Love is all there truly is. Everything is Love!

Give. As you give you receive. When you give from your soul, golden nuggets go out into the world that find their way back to you expanded, increased. The more you give, the more you receive. The more you receive, the more you give.


I pray that this message was just what you needed to feel today.

With love,


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