Message from Archangel Metatron



In my meditation this morning, I started out feeling somewhat less than focused and receptive. I was at 25% Receptivity to be exact. As an angel worker, I need to be higher than that!

So I asked for help Receiving! The angels of Miracles, Rejoicing and Fulfillment showed up, along with Archangel Metatron and his Ascension Chakra Activation. 

By the end of this message and the Activation, I was at 100%! You might wonder how I know? I tested! That is part of the A~HA!~ Archangel Healing Activation Protocol. It works! Angel Worker on call again!

Message from Archangel Metatron

Breathe – Relax – Trust – Receive – Love – Give

Again and again. Over and over. Every day. All your days. Through out all eternity.

Breathe. Yes, the universe breathes. Spirit breathes. Not with lungs as you breathe, but with the flow of energy – in and out – condensing and expanding. Life a pulse or a heart beat. The beat, the breathe of life. Spirit expands and contracts to this breathe of life as it creates and loves.

Relax. Yes, the universe relaxes. Just as you make an effort then relax, so does Spirit. The endeavor or action is followed by relaxing to receive. Relaxing is part of receiving. We relax the effort to listen – to witness – to perceive – to feel – to sense – to connect. We open in relaxation and reach out with our inner senses.

Trust. We must Trust what we are receiving to benefit from it. Trust our experience. Trust the Source to provide what is needed and beneficial. The Source can’t block you from receiving. That is not a possibility. It is you who block goodness from entering your field of possibility. The response is there. Resources are there. It is your out dated beliefs that deflect love from flowing into your heart and material life.

Receive! Lavish abundance is real! Loving support is real! The visions in your soul are real! We are Real! Receive! Let go of all thoughts to the contrary. Quit believing in disaster and poverty.

Rejoice! Be elevated, uplifted by the angels who surround you always. Open your heart and eyes to see them! Open your heart to know them. They are here.

We are here Always!

Love naturally fills an open heart. Love is all there truly is. Everything is Love!

Give. As you give you receive. When you give from your soul, golden nuggets go out into the world that find their way back to you expanded, increased. The more you give, the more you receive. The more you receive, the more you give.


I pray that this message was just what you needed to feel today.

With love,


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Day 2 #EveningAngelEcstasy with #KimberlyMarooney22DayAngelWorkerChallenge

Day 2 #EveningAngelEcstasy with #KimberlyMarooney22DayAngelWorkerChallenge. Angel of Love

We had Archangel Michael with us all day! What happened for you today? Working with angels makes you an Angel Worker.

The Angel of Love takes us into sleep tonight. So many angels surround us, holding us in love. This evening is about gratitude as you fall asleep. Find in your heart gratitude for the people, things, blessings that have touched you today. Allow the angels to infuse you with love, to illuminate you with love while you sleep.

What do you need help with? Invite angels to illuminate you with love so when you awake in the morning, you are filled with the presence of love.

We are so grateful for how much love is available to us. Be ever more aware of the presence of love. Find gratitude in your heart for the blessings of your life. No matter how life may look, there are blessings to be grateful for. Food to eat, a bed to sleep in, water to drink, comfort from family, love.

Let your gratitude fill your whole being expanding outward, touching your family and friends as you become a radiant presence of love shining in life, sharing the joy and love in your heart.

You are held in the embrace of Love Angels, always. They take you into sleep tonight. Be healed, renewed, and rejoice in that presence.

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Day 2 #MorningAngelManifestation with #KimberlyMarooney22DayAngelWorkerChallenge

Day 2 ~ #MorningAngelManifestation with #KimberlyMarooney22DayAngelWorkerChallenge

As an Angel Worker, the first hour you are awake in the morning sets the tone for what you will manifest during the day. This is the magic. How do you spend the first hour of your day? The next 21 days, how can you use that first hour in the morning connecting with angels to manifest Angel Magic in your day?


I am Divinely Guided and Protected.
I Love and Value Myself.

We did the Archangel Michael’s Divine Heritage, Safety and Trust Activation. I used the Archangel Michael Sound Essence Blessing Spray. You get a 22% Discount in my store by typing 22Days in the Discount Code box when you order your bottle. It comes in two sizes, small and large. You saw the large bottle in this broadcast.


The rest of the Archangel Michael Activation that you heard, along with 6 other Archangel Activations and the full Archangel ~ Healing Activation Protocol are in the workbook you saw.

Get a 22% Discount by typing 22Days in the Discount Code box when you order anything in my store, including private Angel Readings!


Hungry for more Archangel Activations? The Complete 7 Archangel Activation home study course is life changing! You get 14 hours of audio, video, and the workbook I was looking for with Archangel Michael’s pyramid of Safety-Protection-Connection.


With much love, Kimberly Marooney

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Angel Workers Connect and Communicate with Angels



Join Lilou Mace and I for the sweetest conversation in my beautiful garden about how our angels connect with us. We will have a personal angel connection, too!

Are you an Angel Worker? That means you connect with angels, communicate with them, and are an Earth Angel in life.

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Day 1 #EveningAngelEcstasy with Angel Illumination

Day 1 Evening Angel Ecstasy with the Angel of Illumination in #KimberlyMarooney22DayAngelWorkerChallenge

As an Angel Worker, I’m always amazed when I tune into the angels how many amazing things happen.

What happened today that you are grateful for?

As I was feeling grateful for all the goodness in my life, I picked the Angel of Illumination from Angel Love Cards to illuminate our hearts as we sleep tonight.

“The Angel Illumination shines God’s light of awareness upon you. The light of the supreme spirit is more brilliant than a thousand suns. Infused with unconditional love, it penetrates the shadows of ignorance with the greatest care. When the angel shines this light upon you, the truest part of you is illumined. Your soul receives increased awareness and love from the illumination.”

Here are a few great questions to get you started feeling gratitude in your heart:

  • Tune in to the love that is already in your heart so you can feel it.
  • What are you grateful for today?
  • What miracles happened?
  • What synergistic meetings?
  • What blessings did you experience?
  • What solutions did you discover?
  • What did you co-create?
  • What success did you have?
  • As an Angel Worker, how were you guided?

Let your heart, mind and your whole life be illumined with unconditional love, filling every cell of your being. This love generates such beauty! Can you feel it? Beauty is an energy.

As you go to sleep, ask for what you need help with. What is dearest to your heart? As you sleep, be open to receive the most amazing gifts and treasures. Allow yourself to be illumined as you sleep. Allow yourself to receive the most amazing gifts of spirit. Sleep in the arms of love tonight.

In the morning, reflect on your night:

  • What did you dream about?
  • What thoughts occurred to you about your desire?

Take this blessing of illumination into your day tomorrow!

Click here to watch Day 1 #EveningAngelManifestation

With love,




P.S. Join us tomorrow for Day 2 #MorningAngelManifestation with Archangel Michael’s Activation. You won’t want to miss this!



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Day 1 ~ Angel Morning Manifestation ~ Angel of Ecstasy

Welcome to Day 1 of our #KimberlyMarooney22DayAngelWorkerChallenge!

32-ecstasyAs I was waking up this morning, I was thinking ahead to what my day held. I needed to do some new technical stuff for the first time. Learning new technical programs isn’t always fun for me.

Is there something you need to do today that is challenging?

I’m an Angel Worker! I work with angels! Why not include them in everything? I drew the Angel of Ecstasy from Angel Love Cards to help us with our challenges today. The Angel of Ecstasy wants to help us transform what we could view as frustration into the ecstasy of discovery and learning! What a gift.

Join us for an Ecstatic meditation with the angels, calling ecstasy into everything you do today.

We start with our Guardian Angels and our Archangels with Raphael and Michael bringing the love, healing power and protection of ecstasy into our bodies and lives. The angels are eager to help you with your angel work today!

Watch here:


With love,






P.S. Join us tonight for Day 1 #EveningAngelEcstasy with the angel of Illumination!


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22-Day Angel Worker Challenge

Kimberly's Trail MagicI’m an Angel Worker. Everything I do is inspired by angels. Either they ask me to do something, or I need it. And usually, it’s both!

On my hike, I was inspired to do a 22-Day Angel Worker Challenge with Morning Angel Manifestation and Evening Angel Ecstasy each day!

Each morning, we’ll meditate together to focus in on what we need to manifest for the day, then we’ll do it! The angels we need will guide us through the day.

Each evening, we’ll come back together to meditate with the angels who will guide our peaceful sleep in angel ecstasy.

I highly recommend going in order each day. Don’t jump ahead, or binge watch. Use the meditations for rapid spiritual movement, healing, manifestation, everything you need each day. Expand your Angel Work each day!

Click here to see how excited I was when I received the invitation from the angels:

With love,




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Your Soul Star ~ message from Archangel Gabriel

Kimberly Marooney with Petra Nicoll - fullI had a fabulous conversation with Petra Nicoll on her Revealing Conversations show on BlogTalkRadio. As an Angel Worker, the angels provide messages, guidance, and resources I need to take my next steps. All I have to do is remember to ask!

The following message from Archangel Gabriel was the basis for our conversation.



Message from Archangel Gabriel:

We are here.
The Heavenly Host celebrates this great moment of awakening as you discover more of the truth of your Being.
There are millions of angels in embodiment at this time to turn the tide toward the great Awakening for this Golden Age.

Your Soul Star is the key to your Angel Light Body.
This of it as the lock in the doorway or Gateway.
Your Soul Star is the closest access point to the higher realms of Being and your Angel Light Body.
It shines etherically in your aura, just a few feet above your head.
As you awaken, it appears as a tiny point of light twinkling, beaconing above your head.

At the divine moment of Activation, your Guardian Angel calls Archangel Gabriel and the ascension begins.
Ascension takes place in many small steps or experiences over time.
In this first initiation, the Soul Star is Activated.
That means it becomes accessible to you.
It is as if you can see the lock in the door – so what is the key?


As your heart chakra expands and the love that you carry becomes a visceral force in your heart and life, you gain the inner strength necessary for the next escalation of Light.
The Soul Star expands to reveal the lock – the Love in your heart becomes the key that opens the gateway or doorway to your Soul Body.
You are granted access to the higher realms of existence outside the confines of time and space.
You may travel in your soul body to the past and future, to heal and gain wisdom and insight as you make life choices.
The soul realm is your first experience – your first remembrance of a realm where there is only love.
There is no fear or pain, no anger or betrayal, no longing or need here.
The soul is the treasure vault of all goodness and supply.
Everything needed is here – available – waiting for you to access and retrieve for use in material life.
This is only the start!

As rich and abundant as it is, the soul is a mere taste of the infinite bounty of Spirit that awaits you.
Imagine it as an introduction or training ground.
There is so much more!
The soul is temporary.
To human experience, the soul exists for all of material creation!
Millions of years!
And that is temporary from the eternal perspective.

Can you feel this truth with your inner knowing?
Do you find yourself questioning and curious?
Ask for and receive what you need now!

With love,




P.S. Click here to listen to this fabulous Revealing Conversation between Kimberly and Petra!


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