Archangel Michael, The Angel of Protection

“For He will give His angels charge of you
to guard you in all your ways.”
Psalms 91:11

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, The Angel of Protection

Archangel Michael is dedicated to the preservation of the spiritual destiny of every soul.

He loves you with an intensity you cannot imagine as he patiently watches you,

life after life, fanning the flickering embers of your soul fire on the altar of your heart until the flames of enthusiasm and love of God burn brightly enough to consume your limitations and set you free!

As the Great Prince, Archangel Michael’s territory includes all who know that our kingdom is not of this Earth. To guide us Home, he is consecrated to attacking the evil within while challenging us to transmute negative energy into positive channels of peace, love, and beauty.

Archangel Michael’s “fire” is much more than just an expression. The spiritual aspirant literally burns away limitations that surface as pockets of emotion are triggered by the events of life. When you face the truth, you often feel the heat and burning of this fire. For example, the passion of anger can become an effective force for change. Accept it and feel hot, enraged, empowered! As your heart opens, the rage is transformed allowing you to seek loving solutions.

In addition to protecting our spiritual destiny, Michael also protects our bodies. Call Archangel Michael to be your champion in adverse situations, to give you courage and protection.

At your final passing, Michael weighs your soul. The love-essence that you have gathered whirls up to Heaven, light as a feather while the heavily laden ego falls. This ego draws you back for life after life until you are ready to face Michael’s fire of transformation.

If you seek freedom from rebirth, do not wait until the time of your death. Call for Archangel Michael to guide you toward the awareness of your Eternal Self.

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