Angels of Grace Book Excerpt

The soul learns which activities bring
God’s presence nearer.
–Brother Lawrence

angels of grace

Angels of Grace

The most wonderful thing about grace is that the grace of God can descend upon you at any moment with no warning and for no reason. God loves you unconditionally. You don’t need to do anything to earn that love. It is available all the time to everyone.

The Angels of Grace are God’s messengers who bestows the experience of unconditional love at the most surprising moments.

These precious moments light beacons of faith in your soul, showing you the way home. Home is the origin of your

soul, in the heart of the source of all that is. When you are touched  the Angels of Grace, you are feeling God’s tender caress calling you to “Come Home.”

An experience of grace provides a glimpse of the magnitude of love that awaits you. This pure love regenerates the longing of the soul for home. In what state is your relationship with God? Do you have a personal connection with Him? By what name do you call Him? If you feel like you don’t know God, He has never forgotten you. He knows you intimately and waits patiently for you to want to know Him again. Where ever you are in your relationship with the divine, think of it as your starting point.

Your soul has called the Angels of Grace to guide you into intimately personal experiences of unconditional love. An open, yearning heart is an irresistible invitation for the Angels of Grace’s intervention.

Actions to attract the Angels of Grace:

  • During your day, search for moments to attract the angel Grace. While waiting in line or on the phone, occupy your mind with thoughts of previous experiences of grace.
  • Ask the angel Grace to show you opportunities to share kindness and enhance the lives of others. Be observant. If you see a neighbor struggling with a heavy trash can, offer to help.
  • Give your pocket change to a hungry person.
  • Meditate with the desire to connect directly with spirit. Play “I Knew I Loved You” by Savage Garden on Affirmation and ask the angel Grace to help you feel the unconditional love that waits for you. Play “Ave Maria” by Chloe Goodchild on Devi to feel your desire to attract grace. Invite the Holy Spirit to fill your body and mind so you can receive the grace of the invitation of the divine to bring more love into this world in your own unique way.

“When my emotions/ego self put me in a dark night, I frequently turn to the Angel Love Cards for assistance in regaining my balance and connection to my God self. The image I draw usually calms me right away. As I read the message from the Angel Love book, I gain more depth of understanding – my problem has become an opportunity to grow. A phrase or two will stand out as an answer to a very deeply help question I didn’t know I was asking until I saw the answer. Angel Love is so very multi-dimensional. Thank you Angels, and Kimberly” — Lucy Spencer, Artist

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