Angel Books

Angel Blessings Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration

Angel Blessings is a profound transformative angel book and card set.
It elevates your spirit and inspires heartfelt angel connections that last lifetimes!

This Angel book and card set guides you to have your own experience with the Angels.

Angel Book

Angel Book
Angel Blessing Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration

Feel more love and healing connections with angels, God, and life. The cards present 44 angels who are on a mission to help you experience your soul. click here to learn more and read an excerpt

I have read thousands of books and find Angel Blessings Cards and book to be the most profound and knowledgeable about the Angels. — Virginia Drake

Angel Blessings Cards are available online at and from booksellers worldwide in English, Japanese, German, French, Slovenian, Dutch, and Italian.

Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith, and Grace

Fill you heart with divine love from the angels. Angels are watching for opportunities to guide you into more loving and satisfying relationships with people, with God, and with yourself. The simplest way to develop a relationship with your angel is to ask for help. What do you need help with?

Angel Book

Angel Book
Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith and Grace

This angelic oracle is markedly above the rest in depth and beauty. —Mind Body Spirit

I was absolutely blown away by both the beauty of the cards and the power of the deck. — New Age Retailer


Your Guardian Angel: Heavenly Protection, Love, and Guidance

Angel Book

Angel Book
The Seven Gifts of Your Guardian Angel

You are never alone. Your guardian angel is always beside you—all day, every day, for all the days of your life.

Develop a closer relationship with your guardian angel by talking to your angel. Your guardian angel is here to protect and guide you. Learn how to talk to your guardian and how to receive guidance and companionship. Your guardian angel can help you create a more spiritually fulfilling and meaningful life. click here to read an excerpt

The Be-Attitudes Embrace of Grace

Angel Book

The Be-Attitudes book

During a moment of internal struggle, Kimberly prayed for an experience of Grace. Her prayer was answered with a visitation from the angels. She shares this special afternoon with you in her new book The Be-Attitudes: Embraced by Grace, so you too can feel the power of Grace.

The Be-Attitudes is NOT an angel book to be quickly read. You are invited to get cozy with your favorite blanket or cup of tea and light your favorite candle.

In the privacy of your living room, sit with this book and carefully open the pages . . . for you’ll also be simultaneously opening the mystical door to Grace. click here to read more

My Angel Connection: The Guidebook to Interactions with Angels

angel bookThis Angel Book teaches you how to develop a connection with your angels. Receive the guidance, love, healing and resources they yearn to give you.

Part One teaches you the basics of angelology. Angelology comes from the Greek word “angelos” which means angel and the Greek word “logos” which means word or study.  Therefore, angelology is the study of angels. The word angelology occurs more than 290 times in the Bible. When you’re finished reading part one, you’ll understand the history of angels, their lineage and all the aspects you need to make your angel connection.

Part Two focuses on how to invoke angels and attune to them. And helps you deepen your own angelic nature. Connect with the angels through study, meditation, contemplation and interactive angel assignments. Read My Angel Connection: The Guidebook to Interactions with Angels. Click here to learn more and view the table of contents

Bring the People Back to My Love Rosary

Rosary Book

Bring the People Back to my Love Rosary

Kimberly became attracted to the traditional rosary when her Catholic husband was dying.

Years later, she and her Angel Ministers sought a devotional practice like the rosary. They felt called to compile a new Rosary for the Children of Light from scripture and messages received from the angels.

People using this rosary have experienced profound acceptance, forgiveness and reconciliation of one’s self that lead to deeper perception of faith. Click here to read excerpt